dRMM x Helen & Hard and “three trees outside the woods”

An example of a “true” collaboration

Children's play equipment in the form of tree roots
[1] Children's play equipment in the form of tree roots

We were invited by architects Helen & Hard to collaborate on a housing scheme set in a beautiful Norwegian fjord landscape. Knowing the local regulations, views, wind and weather, H&H developed the plan whilst we developed the section and façade. The core and apartments are arranged as ‘tree trunk and branches’, so nobody needs to live at the base of the tower. Instead, the flats cantilever at upper levels to take advantage of the stunning views, whilst the ground plane is generous and communal: a proper social space where people meet, children play and everyone shelters from the elements.

This is an example of a “true” collaboration where our two practices worked as one, and went on a journey together that resulted in a design that neither would have conceived on their own.