Sowing seeds of change: dRMM gives the gift of green

Sowing seeds of change: dRMM gives the gift of green

Sowing seeds of change: dRMM gives the gift of green

dRMM believes everybody can make transformational change and that right now change needs to be about tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis. For this reason, our 2019/20 holiday gift symbolises our desire to energise, empower and enlist our network to help make the change we believe can happen. This follows months of positive research and climate action, both in the studio’s capacity as an Architects Declare signatory, as well as in its day-to-day operations.

People are waking up to the impact we have on ecosystems and the biodiversity of species, as well as to the fact that plant and animal life are deteriorating at alarming rates. Even this season’s resilient ambassador – the Norwegian Spruce – is not immune to the effects of our rapidly changing climate.

We believe that working at local levels can make a tangible difference in mitigating our environmental crisis. That’s why we are giving out flower and plant seeds as gifts this season, encouraging our valued clients, collaborators and friends to bring joy back to their personal communities through the process of local re-greening.

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

dRMM holiday seed-bombs and packets have been made in-house by our own team members, using sustainably sourced materials and delivered to their new owners either by hand or via green delivery methods. Recipients will be gifted with a collection of varied seeds, each ready for planting indoors in the winter or outdoors at springtime. Seed-bombs and packets will contain a mix of wildflowers and grasses – selected for ease of cultivation and to give a long flowering season. All species included occur naturally across the UK.

Once planted, the seedlings from our seed-bombs and seed packets will root into the ground over a period of two to three weeks. They will then slowly grow into mature plants and eventually produce more seeds for germination. Each seedling will need water, adequate temperature and a good position to grow in in order to flourish.

New year, new goals

Buildings and construction account for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the UK, and subsequently have a significant impact on our natural habitats. But we are working to change that.

dRMM has championed sustainable materials and construction since the studio’s inception, with our practice pioneering the use of engineered timber in the UK from as early as 1995. But we know there is still much to be done, and our team looks forward to entering 2020 with an even greater focus and solidarity to conserve and restore our planet.

Only by working together can we begin to reconstruct the world. We therefore would like to wish all our collaborators, clients and friends a wonderful holiday period, and thank them for their ongoing support over the years in helping us to champion sustainable construction.

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