dRMM’s Timber Beacon shortlisted for COP26

dRMM’s Timber Beacon shortlisted for COP26

dRMM’s Timber Beacon shortlisted for COP26

We are delighted that our design for a re-useable timber pavilion has been shortlisted by the British Government to exhibit at COP26 – the UN climate change talks which are due to be held in Glasgow in November 2021

Designed as a wayfinding object which tells the story of timber’s ability to outperform other building materials in terms of carbon, strength and beauty, ‘Timber Beacon’ is dRMM’s response to the collective brief of a unique global timber industry collaboration.

This collaboration is formed from a 25+ strong allegiance of innovators in engineered mass timber and wood-based products including those from a global forest growth and development context. The allegiance is led by the UK Timber Trade Federation and CEI-Bois, the European Confederation of Wood Working Industries.

Engineering structural design support is being provided by Whitby Wood the independent, international, and forward-thinking engineering consultancy who bring in-depth knowledge of best practices and openness to innovations to all projects both large and small.

“As world leaders discuss our global responsibilities and collective response to climate change during COP26, our message for the future will be powerfully three dimensional: in wood there is hope,”
Alex de Rijke
Alex de Rijke

The ambition is to erect the Timber Beacon at COP26, following this, it will travel to London for the World of Wood Festival before going to the EU parliament, where it will advocate for policy changes that acknowledge wood’s undisputable credentials as the only regenerative material that can deliver large scale construction.

This initiative is supported by UK Aid, under the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s Forest Governance, Markets and Climate programme.

Sponsorship is being sought to realise the full potential of this project. To find out more contact